Who or What is dotwales.co.uk?

Dotwales has been developed by two entrepreneur friends to invest in online domain purchasing. It was formed to help businesses start on the web using premium and in-demand domain names.

Dotwales know from first hand experience how using the internet can increase your business by reaching out to customers who are further away than just your local area.


Why use a .wales domain?

From 1st March 2015 Wales now has its very own top level domain names to benefit the citizens and businesses of Wales.

With over 10,000 .wales .cymru web addresses sold within the first month of release (1st Mar 2015), make sure you get yours.  By having one of these internet addresses, you can now easily show that your business is proud to be associated with Wales.  These great Welsh domains are short, easy to remember and highly relevant in today’s market.

So, If you’re a business in wales and want to stand out from the crowd, now is the time to purchase a welsh domain.

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